Honey Jelly

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  1. Tim Wareham
    | Reply

    I made this because my son wanted some honey jelly. It was perfect. Set quickly and it tasted great.

  2. beehappysolutions
    | Reply

    Hey I am really excited about this honey Jelly recipe – I was wondering if anyone has ever tried to make jelly with honey. So here is my question. The recipe calls for 2 ounces of “Pacific Pectin Mix” – your companies has so many types of Pectin – which one is this referring to? I recommend that for any recipe on your website that you add the exact name & product number in the recipe. I think this will make ordering much easier for customers.


    Alice Rosenthal

    • Teri
      | Reply

      Hi Alice
      The pectin used in this recipe is actually called “Pacific Pectin Mix”. All the recipes on our site do say which exact pectin of ours to use. This might have been confusing because our name is Pacific Pectin and this particular pectin is called “Pacific Pectin Mix”. This is one of our best selling signature blends and is used for full sugar jam and jelly recipes.

  3. Carol
    | Reply

    One can buy Honey Jelly from Honey Berry Farm. They have 11 flavors. Find them at honeyjelly.com.

    • Teri
      | Reply

      Thanks for the link Carol.
      Your jelly is yummy!

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