Pineapple Pepper Jelly

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Brix – 65-66

pH – 3.10-3.20

Yield: Nine 8oz. Jars

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  1. Marilyn Pertuit
    | Reply

    You do not boil the filled jars of jelly?

    • Teri
      | Reply

      Hello Marilyn
      You can either do a water bath or the inversion method.
      Many people prefer the inversion method because it saves time.
      Either way will work.

  2. Becky Myers
    | Reply

    Do you recommend using canned crushed pineapple in it’s own juice or fresh pineapple?

    • Teri
      | Reply

      Hi Becky
      You can use either. The canned might be easier and yes, you would want it in it’s own juice.

    | Reply

    No water bath or inversion is needed if correct amount of pectin is used, will set.

    • Teri
      | Reply

      Hi Dennis
      You are correct, our Pacific Pectin Mix can set independently from hot water baths and inversion method. We do recommend consulting with the FDA for food safety standards and procedures.

  4. Ann
    | Reply

    Hi there,

    Are we suppose to add the pineapple in its juices or strain?

    Thank you!

    • Teri
      | Reply

      Hi Ann
      You can use canned pineapple but you want the kind in juice not syrup and you can use the juice.

  5. mary jacobs gorrell
    | Reply

    do you have a recipe for low sugar pepper jelly?

  6. Janie Greenwald
    | Reply

    Good morning, I am going to make true jellies. (no fruit, just the juice). Do you have recipes for this? Thank you, Janie

    • Teri
      | Reply

      Hi Janie
      When making a Jelly you would substitute the fruit weight for the juice weight. This is for juice not juice concentrate.
      Go to our “Info” tab then “Instructions” and click on the “Creating A Recipe” link.
      This will help you develop your own recipe with your own.
      If you have more questions, you can email me at
      I hope this helps.

  7. Garrett
    | Reply

    Hey, I noticed you specified 160 F earlier in the recipe but only “hard boil” later. A candy thermometer specifies 252 F as a hard boil. Is this what you meant or did you just mean a “rolling boil”. Thanks

    • Teri
      | Reply

      Hi Garrett
      Thanks for contacting us.
      Stay 225f and up. You want to keep your temp up so when you go to pour your product it stays hot.

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