Huckleberry Jam

Ingredients 2 qt. Whole Huckleberries (2.5 cups after being crushed) 6 Cups Sugar 1/4 Cup Lemon Juice 1/3 Cup Pacific Pectin Mix Instructions Add 1 Cup water to crushed fruit to make 3.5 cups, and add to a 6 qt. or larger pot. Add lemon juice. Start heating and slowly … Read More

Mango Jam

Ingredients 4.5 Cups Mangoes (crushed) 8.5 Cups Sugar 2.5 TB Lemon Juice 2 oz. (1/3 Cup) Pacific Pectin Mix Instructions Peel, remove seeds, and crush mangoes. Place crushed mangoes in pot and add lemon juice. Slowly stir in Pacific Pectin Mix. Heat mixture to boiling and slowly stir in sugar. … Read More

Peach Amaretto Jam

Ingredients 32 oz. Peaches (frozen slices) 12 oz. Amaretto liqueur 7 Cups Sugar 1/4 Cup Lemon juice 2 oz. or 1/3 Cup Pacific Pectin Mix Instructions Thaw and crush peaches Add prepared peaches to a 6 qt. pot, begin heating and stir in Pacific Pectin Mix. Bring to a medium … Read More

Kiwi Jam

Fresh exotic kiwi jam with Pacific Pectin Mix. Ingredients 5 ½ Cups Kiwi Fruit, peeled and mashed. 7 ½ Cups Sugar ⅓ Cup Pacific Pectin Mix 2 TB Lemon Juice Instructions Place peeled and mashed kiwi in 6 quart saucepan. Add lemon juice. Begin heating. Add the Pacific Pectin mix … Read More

Blueberry Jam

Ingredients 4 Cups Blueberries 4 Cups Sugar ⅓ Cup Pacific Pectin Mix Instructions Place fruit in pot Stir Pacific Pectin Mix into fruit. Stir about 1 minute. Heat to boiling and add sugar in 2 parts. Boil for 3 minutes while stirring. Remove from heat and let stand for 30 … Read More

Peach Jam

Ingredients 44.5 oz. Peaches 54.5 oz. Sugar ⅓ Cup (2 oz.) Pacific Pectin Mix 6 fl. oz. Lemon Juice Instructions Blanch, skin, and pit peaches. Cut, slice, or chop depending on whether a jam or preserve is desired. the smaller the pieces are, the more uniform and firm the finished … Read More

Strawberry Freezer Jam

Use our Pacific Freezer Jam Pectin to make this quick and easy strawberry jam. Ingredients 4 Cups Strawberries, crushed 8 Cups Sugar 2/3 Cup Pacific Freezer Jam Pectin 1 ½ Cups Water Instructions Mix sugar and fruit. Let stand 10 minutes. In a separate pot, stir Pacific Freezer jam Pectin … Read More

Strawberry Jam

Ingredients 5 3/4 Cups Strawberries (crushed) 8 ¼ Cups Sugar ⅓ Cup Pacific Pectin Mix 2 TB Lemon Juice Instructions Place prepared fruit in pot, add lemon juice. (if needed) Heat fruit to 140°F Add pectin (and anti-foam if needed) Bring fruit and pectin mixture to a boil and boil … Read More

Christmas Jam

Notes Note: Strawberries tend to generate excessive foam. If desired, add Pacific Food grade Antifoam to the fruit before adding the pectin to reduce foam (before step 2).Parameters:Brix 66-67pH 3.3-3.35Yield: 9 (Nine) 8-oz. jars Ingredients 12 oz. Cranberries, chopped/pulsed in food processor 32 oz. Strawberries, crushed 8 3/4 Cups Sugar … Read More

Reduced Sugar Strawberry Jam

Looking for a yummy strawberry jam but don’t want all the sugar? Try this reduced sugar strawberry jam, using Pacific LM-3 Pectin. Ingredients 24 Oz. Sugar 34 Oz. Strawberries ⅓ Cup Pacific LM-3 Pectin Instructions Crush fruit. Put in cooking pot and heat to 150° F. Slowly stir pectin into … Read More

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