In the mid-1980s, the General Foods pectin extraction facility located in Hollywood, California, supplied fruit pectin throughout the country to food manufacturers large and small. This was the only pectin facility in the entire United States. However, in 1986 they ceased operations and closed their doors for good.

Their Technical Plant Manager, Fred DeVito was genuinely concerned for existing customers. How would they acquire pectin to continue making delicious specialty foods? Hence, Pacific Pectin was born!

Here at Pacific Pectin, family owned and operated since 1986, we select the highest quality fruit pectin worldwide and offer a “user friendly” approach. With 45+ years of combined pectin experience, we are confident in finding you the perfect match for your application.

Pacific Pectin strives to continually exceed our customer’s expectations by offering premium quality products, exceptional customer service and exceeding industry standards in food safety and product innovation.