Slab & Gummy Mold Jelly Candies

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Make these delicious slab and gummy mold jellies using Pacific Pectin’s HM-100 Pectin!


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  1. Hassan moradi
    | Reply

    Hi dear mr , mrs
    Could you please send me a sop or fdc that show the steps of produce the pectin.?
    Is it possible to send me a short clip or that shows the steps of producing pectin from fruits specially lime?
    Best rgds
    H. Moradi
    The factory manager of somayeh food industry
    Iran. Tehran
    Whats app: +989106889237

    • Teri
      | Reply

      I will email you.
      Have a wonderful day.

  2. fernando escajeda
    | Reply

    could you email me a short clip of this process ?

  3. Robert
    | Reply

    What is brix? I have your bulk pectin and it’s really fantastic. I am struggling a bit with the consistency of my finished gummies. They are wet, and I’d like them to be much stiffer. I’ve played around with dehydrating them, but a skin forms so that limits the moisture loss I am trying to achieve. I have read a 3.5 pH is needed to attain the stiff/chewy consistency I am seeking. Also, I’m noticing sodium citrate as an ingredient in commercial gummies that have that great stiff and chewy quality. Thank so much for any insights you might provide! ‘-‘

    • Teri
      | Reply

      Hi Robert. I think it is best if I get you connected to our gummy tech team.
      Please email all your questions to and I will get over to them.
      I’m sure they will be able to help you with your questions.

  4. Don
    | Reply

    I have the similar question as Robert – I have never dealt with brix and do not know where to begin. You say “cook to 80 Brix”, is that convertible to degrees Fahrenheit? If not, is there a specific device that I need to purchase in order to measure brix? I assume that I need a Brix meter refractometer for measuring sugar content and that 80 in the recipe means 80%?

    • Teri
      | Reply

      Hi Don
      Thank you also for contacting us. Yes a refractometer is very helpful.
      You can find one at Cole Parmer. 80 means 80 Brix.
      If you have questions, email me and I will connect you to our tech team.

  5. whoiscall
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    | Reply


    I have your pectin. What would the water activity have to be for the gummy, not sweat?


    • Teri
      | Reply

      Hi David
      Thanks for reaching out.
      This would be a question for our tech team. I will forward your message.
      You should receive an email shortly.
      Have a wonderful day.
      Teri Sitton
      Office Manager

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