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A rapid set pectin for standard sugar jams, jellies and preserves.  Use as you would store bought pectin.

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A rapid set pectin for standard sugar jams, jellies and preserves.  Use as you would store bought pectin.

Ingredients: Sucrose, Pectin, Citric Acid

GMO-Free, Gluten Free, Vegan

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115 reviews for Pacific Pectin Mix

  1. Scott Henry

    This is a good pectin,We here at Westexas herbs specialty food company have used this pectin to make all of our jams and jellies without any problems i would highly recommend this product

  2. Larry Tonnesen

    We grow and harvest between 100 and 200 gallons of Red Raspberries each season and then make jam with the entire crop.

    This pectin has allowed us to lower the price of our jam to our customers. We couldn’t be happier with this product. 🙂

  3. Jills Jams and Jellies

    We make over 175 different jams and jellies in our business and have been using this product for years with great results.

  4. Anonymous

    I bought 10 lbs two years ago and have made about 150 pints of jam (strawberry, raspberry, and a mix with huckelberry). The results are excellent and I would not go back to the store bought stuff.

  5. Anonymous

    Works better than store-bought pectin and what a HUGE cost savings. I always receive helpful customer service-a lost art these days!

  6. Tony

    Used this pectin for the first time today. Did a triple batch of Sour Cherry Jelly…Worked like a charm. All the jars set up nicely…This will be my pectin of choice from now on

  7. Shirley

    I do a lot of canning of jams and jellies. This pectin always sets up perfectly. What a great product!

  8. Linda

    I make and sell 700 jars of jam and jelly each year at a Farmers’ Market. Buying this pectin in bulk is so easy and economical to use. The technical help is also awesome.

  9. Laura Fuhr (Fuhr’s Valley View Fruit Farm)

    I use a 50 lb box each year and am thrilled with the results. I don’t have time for mistakes or jam that doesn’t set. I have had success with ebery batch.

  10. David

    We started purchasing this pectin over two years ago because of the volume of wine jelly we make at It works tremendously, each batch turns out the same because of the quality of this product and the savings are substantial compared to the cheapest store bought pectin you can find.

  11. Anonymous

    The only thing i’ve found better than this pectin is the customer service i’ve found from the people that run the business. GREAT JOB….Thanks

  12. Lloyd & Chris Bunch / The Red Apple

    We have been faithful Pacific Pectin customers for a couple of years now, and wouldn’t go anywhere else!! The product is great, customer service couldn’t be better, shipping is fast, We have all positive things to say about these people and their product!

  13. Anonymous

    The Church here made over 1500 jars of assorted jellies and jams using this pectin. Very few had any issues and they all set up the second time through. We can’t blame the pectin for personal error. We used 75 lbs total last year and have begun with marmalade, raspberries, blackberries, beer, and leftover wild plum juice we froze. We will begin fresh strawberries and guavas this week. Spectacular product and such knowledgeable and kind people answering the phones.

  14. Tyson Charlson

    My jams gell so much better now. Wished I used this product a lot sooner.

  15. Anne

    I have used this for two canning seasons now, and it works very well. I love the flexibility of buying pectin in bulk and adjusting recipes as needed.

  16. Tom L

    We run a Craft Pepper Jelly Company and have found Pacific Pectin products to be an excellent value and consistent to use. The support staff was an extremely valuable resource as we switched from liquid pectin to dry pectin and helped us update our recipes. I highly recommend this product

  17. Anonymous

    Quilter’s Comfort just completed our first 10lb box of pectin and every batch was a success! We are looking forward to using many more pounds of Pacific Pectin.

    Thank You!

  18. Elena

    It was SO easy, Angel! It is surely worth trniyg! It tastes slightly like apple, because of the cinnamon, I think, but it is not as sweet, and the vanilla makes it slightly more desserty . Have faith, and give it a go!

  19. Anonymous

    This product works great in every batch of jam that I make. This is the only pectin that I use.

  20. In a Jam

    I have a business selling jams and jellies and have been buying this pectin for over 10 yrs. Most consistent success with this pectin. Love that I can order it and receive the next day. Really economical.

  21. Nancy

    We chose this pectin mostly on the clarity it gives to our jelly. Most pectin clouds the color and flavor producing a hazy, muted jelly but this stuff produced window pane clarity. My jelly looks like stained glass 🙂
    Chosen on clarity re-ordered for performance.

  22. Rome Doherty

    Ive been using this product for about two years, with about 3,000 – 4000 jars of jam a year and it works fine.

  23. D, Kairis

    I play and have played lots of softball as an outfielder for the last 30 years. I had problems with an arthritic shoulder for the last 10. I couldn’t throw a ball overhand, until a doctor’s column mentioned fruit pectin to relieve arthritis. After spending a year with ibuprofen, and almost going for surgery, I started with a tablespoon of pectin in my morning juice. I’ve been throwing overhand ever since. 10 lbs. for $65 beats the heck out of $1.50 for a box at the grocery store. The only complaint I have is trying to read the code to post my review.

  24. Robin Moore

    I can always count on my jellies and jams setting. Never even think they won’t like some of the store bought pectins have done for me. I make the jam and jellies for my customers at my cafe and they love them!!!

  25. Sylvia

    I have been using this pectin for three years and I really enjoy the ease of use with this pectin and the final produce is excellent in firmness.

  26. Dan

    I’v used the pacific Pectin dry mix and the Liquid mix and both products performed as indicated in the description. The dry mix is more convient to use but the liquid mix is a better value. Both mixes will yellow slightly with age but the flavor and results are not harmed.

  27. Anonymous

    I would recommend this product to anyone who loves to can. It is very reliable and the finished product is always great.

  28. chris souza

    I have been using Pacific Pectin products for the past 8 years….it is consistent and of
    very high quality. I make all of my own jellies, jams &chutney and these become all of our Christmas gifts, so quality is important.
    Thanks also for all the great recipes

  29. Country Cottage

    I have used this pectin for several years – and have a thriving jelly business because of it. I am able to sell my products at a great price and know that it is the best it can be.

  30. Anonymous

    Like Like

  31. M. Ford

    Once I started using this product, I love it better than the pectin you buy at the store and what a savings it is! Works great for me and you just need to know how much your recipe makes and have a scale. Love it!

  32. Anonymous

    Orders are processed promptly, excellent value for a consistent product.

  33. Anonymous

    I have had great success using these products. Re-cooks are rarely necessary and the quality of my jams and jellies is high.

  34. Anonymous

    I would give this pectin no stars if that was an option. The description says “use as you would store bought pectin.” I have been canning, preserving and making jam for over 40 years. I have PROVEN jam recipes, yet when I followed the directions in the recipe book that was sent with the pectin- ie: 1 pkge Sure Jell= 1/3C Pacific Pectin, I had my first set failure EVER in my life. It just got worse from there. I had to reprocess many batches of jam for my cottage industry business- a waste of time and money! In addition, if you read the recipes in the Pacific Pectin recipe book, there are ingredients missing in some of them. Specifically, in the recipe for Strawberry Jam, there is no lemon juice listed in the ingredient list, yet the directions say to add lemon juice. Is this really a “proven” recipe? I am at a loss as to what to do with the remainder of the 10 pounds of pectin that I bought on this website since I obviously will not be using it. I will seek another source of bulk pectin to use in the future. All in all this was a very disappointing product- it did not work as advertised.

  35. Anonymous

    I’ve been ordering this pectin for over five years and it makes great batches every time.

  36. Rome for Camp Robber Jam

    I made 3 to 4 thousand jars of jam a year and this is a good basic product.

  37. Lois Baker

    FINALLY!! I’m now able to double batch my jams and jellies and have the process actually work! Such a time saver. I’m a new convert and am loving my products. I’m highly recommending them. Thanks Pacific.

  38. Anonymous

    The pectin was awesome, but what was a stand out to me was the customer service!! wow, awesome and amazing, shipped out within a couple of hours of my order

  39. Todd J.

    So the pectin works great for the ~50 jars I’ve done. My only gripe would be the lack of recipes that are available. It was sent with a few, but when I initially called to company (they were very helpful and friendly!!) I was told to use in the same way I would use the store bought, single batch pectin. I had to open a box of the store box pectin to find the recipe. The website doesn’t have much to offer either… really- not even a recipe for raspberry??? Again, for the 2 different types of jam I have made- the pectin worked great, but wouldn’t expect a different company to supply the recipes.

  40. Betty

    I’ve ordered this pectin before and it works great. I like the fact that I can buy it in bulk also.

  41. Ginger

    Thank you for such a wonderful product.

  42. Mavis

    I run an artisan jam and jelly business and we use this pectin and PP liquid pectin as well. Making jam and jelly with pectin in largish batches is a science & an art, and the technical support at Pacific Pectin helped me figure out the pectin/sugar/fruit ratio so that I no longer have a problem with product set. Yay!

  43. Cloie

    This pection is great. The jam stays soft enough to pour into sterile jars and then properly sets up.

  44. Faye

    Never had a problem with any of the products I have purchased. And I appreciate that you have sent me free samples on new products.

  45. Anonymous

    I use Pacific Pectin for making jams and jellies throughout the berry season and have found it to be a most reliable product at a fair price. Shipping is amazingly fast and this is a fine company with which to deal.

  46. Cynthia W.

    I originally purchased your product because it was so much cheaper than boxed pectin and I really needed to cut costs. However, I never expected your product to be so superior to what I was using. The strange thing is I just got so used to my preserves setting 100% of the time that it just became the norm. I recently ran out of your pectin and used a retail brand instead and was immediately rewarded with runny jam. So, thank you for making such an amazing product at such a great price!

  47. Lisa Fowler, Owner of Jake’s Produce & Cannery

    I have used the Pacific Pectic Mix for 3+ years when a friend recommended the pectin for my business. The pectin has consistently been my “go-to” ingredient for perfect set jams and jellies. Good job also for their customer service who guided me through the first few batches of jams patiently answering questions and giving me instruction on getting the perfect set on a large batch cook. Keep up the good work guys!

  48. Lorrie Boyce/Cowgirl Cottage Jams

    I sell an average of $800 of jams a month and get the same amazing results every single time using this pectin. Not to mention the savings from store bought pectin. It’s a win win !!

  49. Shannon Mammone

    This is an incredible product. Works the same as Ball and much more economical for my small home based cottage business of artisanal jellies.

  50. Jelly Ranch

    Grew up making jelly with my mom, I now own/operate an organic jam company, can’t tell you the money I have already saved buying pectin in bulk- it is unreal. Cost per batch decreased dramatically, AND every batch has set wonderfully. Will never buy any other pectin again am now very brand loyal to your pectin. Already need to put in another order! Thank you Pacific Pectin!! You are going to be helping us grow this company successfully! What’s the most important thing about jam? Well, the great tasting fruit is what you start with, BUT having a consistent set, a safe made product, and great taste is what keeps customers buying jars, and your pectin is for sure consistent, sets great, and my jams taste as they should!

  51. James Johnson – Johnson Berry Farm, Olympia, Washington

    I have been using pacific pectin for over 5 years great product and gmo free now. Service is great usually ships out the same day as I order.

  52. joy

    this is a great pectin, I don’t use it exactly according to the instructions, but it has never failed me.

  53. Chris

    Product works just as well as store bought boxed pectin. I like measuring each batch rather than opening a box for each batch of jam. I have made many different types of jam and all set up.

  54. Josh – Just Marmalade

    This is my first time using Pacific Pectin, and it won’t be my last. I had a last minute need to make a bunch of marmalade and needed Pectin. I didn’t think with the free shipping that it would come so soon, but it did! It came the next day amazing! Also I think the quality of the pectin definitely exceeds that of the Ball Pectin. My marmalades have all set very nicely since using Pacific Pectin. Thanks!

  55. Anonymous

    We have been using Pacific Pectin to create hand-crafted jams for two years. The pectin has always performed to our satisfaction.

  56. Baker Lady

    I make jams an jellies all through the growing season and I haven’t found a better more reliable product.

  57. Linda G.

    I have been using this for several years and I have had the best results!! It keeps well and is so much cheaper to buy in bulk! I am so happy I found your website! Great product!! 🙂

  58. Lisa

    We mix some with our smoothies for breakfast. We always get delivery within just a few days of ordering–great service!

  59. chris souza

    I have been canning for over 40 years and for the past 8 using only Pacific Pectin. Joan
    Hassoll wrote the Jam Hymnal and ran a jelly and jam business in Brewster Massachusetts and this pectin was listed in her source index.
    A Terrific Product and excellent recipe
    suggestions……especially the Cranberry-
    Jalapeno Jelly.

  60. M & M Enterprises

    I tried this pectin for our preserve business. We make on average 100 jars per week. The price was good but the pectin does not set unless we use 3 times as much as we did with Ball. So now the price is not an advantage. I sent an e-mail to Pacific Pectin, asking why this does not set well and I got no response. Have used over 90 pounds of this pectin on 2 different orders with the same results. Not very satisfied.

  61. PGW

    I use Pacific Pectin as a SureJell replacement. When I moved my production to a co-packer and used the co-packer’s conversion to a SureJell equivalent the set I got was firmer than I wanted. I now provide Pacific Pectin as one of my jam ingredients and results have significantly improved and are consistent with my home recipe.



  63. Anonymous

    I have been using this pectin for years. Easy to use, great results, great pricing, fast shipping.

  64. Yes She Cans

    I own a small jam making business and this is the best pectin to use. It’s always consistent and I always have a great jam. Consistency is very important when making wonderful jam that sell in stores.

  65. Anonymous

    The only drawback to this pectin is if the jelly does not set up it was user error. The pectin is great, and works each time (except when the user makes a mistake). We will continue to purchase this product regularly!

  66. Quilter’s Comfort

    Since I found your pectin, I have been happily exploring making herbal jelly, local craft beer and wine jelly. My customers love the results and are encouraging me to consider herbal syrups and candies!

  67. Dee Alderman

    I own a jam business (Gram’s Jams) and this is, hands down, the easiest, most consistent pectin I’ve used. My custoers appreciate that it is GMO free as well. We won’t use anything else!

  68. Ginger

    I bought pectin in bulk from another company and it was not the same each purchase. Thank you for being there when I needed it. All your products I have purchased over the past two year have been excellent.

  69. Diane Ybarra

    I was so happy to find Pacific Pectin during a web search for pectin. Living in Hawaii and operating a small confection business, it is always challenging to source quality, cost-efficient ingredients. I have been consistently pleased with my results using Pacific Pectin Products. The free shipping allows me to sell my products for competitive rate. Aloha and Mahalo

  70. Kate

    Switched from grocery store pectin when I launched my commercial jelly line. Love this pectin. Once in a pinch I had to run for to grocery and swore I would never run out again! Ordering is a snap, website informative and easy to use, shipping is speedy. Thanks Pacific Pectin. You make my business easier.

  71. Bearberry Farm, Benton Louisiana

    We make and sell jellies and jams at our local farmers markets and festivals. Pacific pectin is the best and least expensive available.

  72. Linda from the Island

    I have ordered this product and used it to make my jams and jellies for Farmers Market many times. It’s much more economical than those little boxes which are sometimes hard to find.
    I make about 700 jars of product a year and I’m quite satisfied with Pacific Pectin. Help line is great too.

  73. Laura Lane Lambs

    We make a dozen or more batches of jelly/jam a year for our small farm, far too much to use even the generic single-batch store-bought pectin. Got 10# four years ago, store it in the cool basement, still works. We’re about out now and need to get ten more pounds later this year. We’ll have just enough for the black raspberry later this month.

  74. Yes She Cans

    Having a small cottage law jam business, consistency in Pectin is very important to me as well as high quality. Pacific Pectin meets my high expectations in quality and consistency. Thank you!

  75. The Dipper Kitchen

    I have a small Jams and Jellies business and I feel good telling my customers that I use fruit-based pectic from a family company in the U.S. The set is consistent.

  76. Anonymous

    I have been using this product for several years. It has never failed me. The jellies I produce for sale are top quality and customers come back over and over for them. I would never use anything else

  77. Pat, The Oreogn Jam Lady

    I have been using Pacific Pectin in my jam business for over 5+ years now. Never a failed batch of jam and crystal clear jelly’s. Customer service is excellent and shipping has been same or next day. I highly recommend these products.

  78. Anonymous

    The best pectin we have tried!

  79. Anonymous

    I have purchased this pectin before, and recently purchased another 10 lb bag. I make a lot of jam, jelly and preserves, so this is a great $ saver for me! Works great, like the helpful hints I’ve received, etc.

  80. C Abbott

    I make jams, jellies for several farm markets and craft shows. I have been making for over 10 years. So thousands of jars. Regular pectin and L3(low or no sugar pectin) all with great results never an issue never a problem with shipping, service or product.

  81. Anonymous

    A faithful customer for over a decade. The jam/jelly/spread will always set. Producing several thousand jars each season with no problem. Shipping is prompt and the product is consistent.

    As a bonus it’s GMO FREE – no thank you mons@nto

  82. Fred

    Been using this mix for years. We have never had a batch fail because of the pectin failing to perform.

  83. Lorine Taylor

    I really like this pectin. I can use it like I used to use the boxed stuff. This is much less expensive. I have a small scale that I use to measure the pectin (50 gms per batch). It is really nice when I have a little more fruit that for a full batch (or a little less). I can adjust the amount of pectin & sugar & it comes out GREAT.

  84. Dena Jardin

    We are a certified Cottage Kitchen. Pacific Pectin is better than anything I have bought in a box. It is also the best way to keep your unit cost down. When I have called for information the staff at Pacific Pectin is wonderful to deal with. The order is also delivered quickly.

  85. Ilse

    I have used this product for several years now. I make 100’s of jars of jam of all kinds every year and I have always been very successful with my Pacific Pectin Mix. Besides that I receive it the day after I have ordered it. Unreal.

  86. Anonymous

    I have used this product for years. I buy 50 lbs at a time. Works great. Delivery is fast and I can always count on it to do a great job.

  87. Steve Bischoff

    Product works as claimed and they have excellant service

  88. Happy Canner

    Successful canning with each and every use. Most assured your on my reorder list. Thank you for developing pectin that does not fail me.

  89. Lana Lane

    I’ve been using this pectin for a few years now. You can’t beat the price and the results are perfect every time. I haven’t mastered my wine jellies yet, but that’s not the product’s fault 🙂

  90. ErickSoocA

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  91. Applewald Farm, Litchfield Maine

    We can a great deal and are so grateful for your products. We make jams and jellies in small batches (thousands of jars per year) and love the versatility and the value of the bulk pectin. Whenever we begin to worry, we remember your slogan “we can gel water” and know everything will work out!

  92. Faith

    I make & sell 100’s (maybe 1000’s!) of jars of jams, jellies, and preserves every year. Buying retail pectin was just too expensive. I found Pacific Pectin online, and took a chance. I’ll never go back to the boxes. This is the third year I’ve used their bulk pectin, and I really like that I can use the recommended amount, or I can adjust as necessary – depending on the particular jam/jelly I’m making. Customer service is excellent, too.

  93. T. McCorkle

    I’ve purchased pectin from Pacific Pectin a few times to make mayhaw jelly and I’ve never been disappointed. If you plan to make more than a case of jelly/jam, buying bulk in the way to go. Fast shipping too!

  94. Anonymous

    I have been using Pacific Pectin in my bakery for several years. I did try others, but this is the best pectin with the most consistent results. Any questions I have had, have been answered immediately by the knowledgeable and friendly staff.

  95. 3 French Hens

    Pacific Pectin is the best. I used to use Certo but with the business Pacific Pectin cuts our kitchen time with the quick set. Thank you

  96. Quilter’s Comfort

    For many years Pacific Pectin has been a good partner in exploring more obscure jellys along with traditional.

  97. Charlie W.

    I am so tickled that I found Pacific Pectin years ago. We were making jelly for our store and farmers market. This was a much cheaper option than buying even from Wal Mart. I wont ever go back to store bought again.

  98. Just Delightful LLC

    I’ve been using this Pacific Pectin mix for over 11 years now. It works like a dream! I’m a small batch maker specializing in our local fruit and produce. My products are very beautiful, like gems on the shelf.

  99. Dena Jardin

    This is a very high quality, consistent and affordable pectin. We produce a large amount of jams and jellies for our Cottage Kitchen business. I would never go back to using “store bought pectin”.

  100. Microgreensgal

    Always reliable product in our small batch recipes. So glad we found you.

  101. Brenda “JAMMIN WITH BRENDA”

    We have a small Cottage Kitchen Jam and Jelly business. We have done over 800 pints using this pectin and are thrilled with both the results and the price! Pacific Pectin’s Standard Pectin is now our “GO TO” choice! Thank you for a quality product.

  102. Anonymous

    I get consistent results for multiple varieties of jam, orders are shipped promptly, and the tech support staff is great about answering questions.

  103. RobinsRockin

    Fast reliable service and the Science guys are always willing to help!

  104. Steve Phillips Jills Jams and Jellies of Cumming, Ga.

    Your products have been a key part of our Jam and Jellies business for over 15 years. We have made thousands of jars the old fashion way (small batch) and have had excellent results with your pectin. We use many types for different items you have worked with us to find the correct mixture anytime we have ask for help.

  105. Sharil

    I have used this product for many years and it is always dependable. Great service and a great company.

  106. Applewald Farm, Litchfield, Maine

    Our small farm relies on Pacific Pectin to help us make over 2000 jars of jam per year. We are so grateful you keep making this high quality and consistent product.

  107. Anonymous

    I have been very pleased with Pacific Pectin. They are great to ship right away and the order is always correct. The pectin works great in our Jam and Jellies. Thanks

  108. Gloria James

    I love Pacific Pectin! It works wonderful. Never have to worry about the set. And the price is fantastic. Everyone needs to go ve it a try. You won’t go back to anything else.

  109. Jen Lafond

    I buy 50 cases of jars at a time, and had to increase my PECTIN quantity. I’m so happy that I can order in bulk instead of small quantities… BEST PRODUCT EVER!!!!

  110. Heather Friedrichsen

    Works great, jelly and jam come out exactly as expected. Customer service is very quick to answer any questions. I’ve already recommended to friends. Thank you!

  111. Anonymous

    I’ve ordered this product several times and have never been disappointed in the way my jams turned out. Will purchase again.

  112. Ila’s Foods LLC Olympia, WA

    I have been using this exclusively in my business for 8+ years. It never fails

    Staff is always so helpful with any questions or information I have needed.

  113. Russell & Kathy Leavitt

    Love this Pectin …never have a problem of Jellies setting. Thank You Pacific Pectin

  114. Marta Segreda

    This is the best pectin I have ever used.

  115. Anonymous

    I’ve used this pectin exclusively for many years and have never had an issue. Free, fast shipping is a great perk. Wouldn’t use anything else.

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