Pacific Pectin Mix

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A rapid set pectin for standard sugar jams, jellies and preserves.  Use as you would store bought pectin.


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For standard sugar jams, jellies and preserves.  Use as you would store bought pectin.

Ingredients: Sucrose, Pectin, Citric Acid

GMO-Free, Gluten Free, Vegan and Organic compliant.

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115 reviews for Pacific Pectin Mix

  1. Scott Henry

    This is a good pectin,We here at Westexas herbs specialty food company have used this pectin to make all of our jams and jellies without any problems i would highly recommend this product

  2. Larry Tonnesen

    We grow and harvest between 100 and 200 gallons of Red Raspberries each season and then make jam with the entire crop.

    This pectin has allowed us to lower the price of our jam to our customers. We couldn’t be happier with this product. 🙂

  3. Jills Jams and Jellies

    We make over 175 different jams and jellies in our business and have been using this product for years with great results.

  4. Anonymous

    I bought 10 lbs two years ago and have made about 150 pints of jam (strawberry, raspberry, and a mix with huckelberry). The results are excellent and I would not go back to the store bought stuff.

  5. Anonymous

    Works better than store-bought pectin and what a HUGE cost savings. I always receive helpful customer service-a lost art these days!

  6. Tony

    Used this pectin for the first time today. Did a triple batch of Sour Cherry Jelly…Worked like a charm. All the jars set up nicely…This will be my pectin of choice from now on

  7. Shirley

    I do a lot of canning of jams and jellies. This pectin always sets up perfectly. What a great product!

  8. Linda

    I make and sell 700 jars of jam and jelly each year at a Farmers’ Market. Buying this pectin in bulk is so easy and economical to use. The technical help is also awesome.

  9. Laura Fuhr (Fuhr’s Valley View Fruit Farm)

    I use a 50 lb box each year and am thrilled with the results. I don’t have time for mistakes or jam that doesn’t set. I have had success with ebery batch.

  10. David

    We started purchasing this pectin over two years ago because of the volume of wine jelly we make at It works tremendously, each batch turns out the same because of the quality of this product and the savings are substantial compared to the cheapest store bought pectin you can find.

  11. Anonymous

    The only thing i’ve found better than this pectin is the customer service i’ve found from the people that run the business. GREAT JOB….Thanks

  12. Lloyd & Chris Bunch / The Red Apple

    We have been faithful Pacific Pectin customers for a couple of years now, and wouldn’t go anywhere else!! The product is great, customer service couldn’t be better, shipping is fast, We have all positive things to say about these people and their product!

  13. Anonymous

    The Church here made over 1500 jars of assorted jellies and jams using this pectin. Very few had any issues and they all set up the second time through. We can’t blame the pectin for personal error. We used 75 lbs total last year and have begun with marmalade, raspberries, blackberries, beer, and leftover wild plum juice we froze. We will begin fresh strawberries and guavas this week. Spectacular product and such knowledgeable and kind people answering the phones.

  14. Tyson Charlson

    My jams gell so much better now. Wished I used this product a lot sooner.

  15. Anne

    I have used this for two canning seasons now, and it works very well. I love the flexibility of buying pectin in bulk and adjusting recipes as needed.

  16. Tom L

    We run a Craft Pepper Jelly Company and have found Pacific Pectin products to be an excellent value and consistent to use. The support staff was an extremely valuable resource as we switched from liquid pectin to dry pectin and helped us update our recipes. I highly recommend this product

  17. Anonymous

    Quilter’s Comfort just completed our first 10lb box of pectin and every batch was a success! We are looking forward to using many more pounds of Pacific Pectin.

    Thank You!

  18. Elena

    It was SO easy, Angel! It is surely worth trniyg! It tastes slightly like apple, because of the cinnamon, I think, but it is not as sweet, and the vanilla makes it slightly more desserty . Have faith, and give it a go!

  19. Anonymous

    This product works great in every batch of jam that I make. This is the only pectin that I use.