Pacific LM-3 Pectin

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Use for reduced-sugar or 1/3 less sugar jams, jellies and preserves. Contains no preservatives. GMO-Free, Gluten Free, Vegan.

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Use for reduced-sugar or 1/3 less sugar jams, jellies and preserves. Contains no preservatives.

Ingredients: Sucrose, Pectin, Citric Acid, Calcium Citrate

GMO-Free, Gluten Free, Vegan.

This is an amidated pectin.

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47 reviews for Pacific LM-3 Pectin

  1. Susan Canning

    I have been using this pectin for 3 years now and it’s great for my small scale wild fruit jams.

  2. Anonymous

    We love being able to offer our customers a reduced sugar jam. This is a great product.

  3. Angie

    I had been shopping around for a Low Sugar option when I found this. I am just starting to sell at the local Farmer’s Markets and wasn’t to thrilled with the other options that I had found for Bulk Pectin. I did not want to have to use more fruit than sugar. It is very easy to use!! No failures!! My Watermelon Jam even set!! Thank you Pacific Pectin for you customer support too.

  4. Scott B.

    I use it at home. This order lasted about a year for me. I make fairly low-sugar jams and jellies (2c sugar / 5 c fruit) and it’s always taken a good set. It dissolves fairly well. I’m pleased with the pectin and with the great shipping and customer service.

  5. Melissa

    I just started using the low sugar pectin for my jams and jellies. I was EXTREMELY frustrated with sur-gel in all types. Pacific Pectin has provided me a successful AND affordable way to produce my product. Thank you.

  6. Sylvia

    I make a diabetic line of the jams and jellies I make for the Farmer’s Market. This pectin has proven to be the best I have used. The jams and jellies remain liquid long enough to bottle and then set up to the correct firmness I require.

  7. Scott B.

    The LM-3 pectin is consistently good, always sets well. Delivery is always prompt, and the folks at Pacific Pectin have been helpful with usage information and recommendations. I’m always a happy customer

  8. Aunt Jules

    This is the second year I have ordered this product. It works very well, especially for low sugar jams. I have had great success with it and would definitely order it again. The ordering process was easy and the product was shipped out quickly. Kudos for great customer service!!

  9. Anonymous

    I use this pectin in Here in Colorado and have had no issues with the altitude and the results, and buying in bulk is awesome. I use less pectin than using the Ball brand and its cheaper so I am double dipping on the savings. Making preserves has also helped with PTSD therapy and keeps me busy.

    I am the infantry… Follow me!!!

  10. Anonymous

    We own a jam business and needed a wholesale bulk source of pectin to replace the consistency we get from the grocery store brand (rhymes with Hall)…this pectin worked perfectly for us since we use less sugar than most jam recipes recommend. I would highly recommend this brand and Pacific Pectin customer service is incredible!

  11. Trum

    I have purchased Pacific Pectin in 10-lb quantity for years, for use in homemade jams and jellies. I have always had great results.
    I appreciate the freedom to increase or decrease my batch sizes depending on the ingredients available, and I LOVE the reduced cost!
    By the 3rd summer of use, I usually have to slightly increase the pectin per batch to get a good set but I’ve never noticed a change in taste and the cost savings far outweigh the need to increase.
    This year I am thrilled to have a new neighbor who cans & preserves as well, so we have made a shared purchase and she is as happy as I am 🙂

  12. Anonymous

    not only is this product the perfect solution to capturing the true taste of fruit but the service is a true wonder. I had allowed my supply of LM-3 pectin to dwindle thinking that I was done for the season when suddenly cheap raspberries were again available…pacific pectin to the rescue…ordered early in the a.m. had it two days later. thanks for the great product (never had a batch fail) and an easy to use website.

  13. Nadia

    Pacific Pectin’s LM-3 works perfectly in our commercial jam production, whether I am doing 2- lb new flavor samples or 25-gallon batches in our giant kettle. I really appreciate your technical suggestions when we were first starting.

  14. Aunt Jules’ Jams

    Love the LM-3 pectin. I make a large quantity of half sugar jams for our local Farmer’s Market and this product always delivers. Next year will probably start buying the 25 lb. quantity.

  15. ScottB

    Been buying a box of this every year for the past few years, it’s always great, shipping is always quick, I’ve never been disappointed. Will keep buying it every year!

  16. Diane

    I’ve been purchasing LM-3 for several years and it works great without fail.
    The staff at Pacific Pectin are great – very friendly, yet professional! Anytime I call with a technical question they are able to easily answer my question which is very reassuring.

  17. Made by Marley

    Asked for a sample and was so pleased with its performance I bought 10 pounds of it for my cottage jam business. Perfect sets for my low-sugar products and SO MUCH cheaper than the alternatives. Only suggestion for use is mixing with 1/3 cup sugar prior to adding to hot fruit, as it helps it dissolve better.

  18. Mark R.

    Our daughter’s doctor has her taking a high dose of pectin every day. After trying several grocery store varieties, we tried “PACIFIC PECTIN MIX-NO ACID” pectin. It’s definitely the best tasting pectin, but it sets so quickly that it caused stomach discomfort. (I imagine a smaller dose wouldn’t have that problem.) So, we switched to the LM-3 pectin and found that it works really well without the tummy ache. It’s not as yummy as the no acid pectin, but it goes down just fine when mixed with orange juice.

  19. Marley Mills, Made by Marley preserves

    I use this in my wild fruit jams and my herb & flower-blossom jellies, and couldn’t be happier. My customers love being able to purchase a low-sugar product, and I love how well and consistently my products set up. It’s a win-win for everybody. Thanks Pacific Pectin for a wonderful, affordable option.

  20. Happy in Pacific Northwest

    This pectin was wonderful. The best I’ve ever used. The set was perfect, and the jam delicious.

  21. Trent

    We have a farm in central Tennessee and use a lot of pectin. Everyone at pacific pectin is wonderul and friendly. This pectin is great for our low/ no sugar jams, jellies, and butters. 1/4 cup gets a great set in all our runs (12 1/2 pints)

  22. Jammin for a Living!

    This lo-sugar pectin wasnot a 1 for 1 trade with the Ball Low-No Sugar pectin. I had to tweek the amount I used but it truely works great! Wonderful color for all my jams, pectin blends in well, and set is great!

  23. Cloie

    i have been using the no sugar added pectin for four years and have had excellent success with this pectin. Stays liquid longer enough to pour into sterile jars and then sets up properly.

  24. ruth lascurain

    I have already tried a sample of the lm3 lo sugar pectin and it is the only pectin to set my hot pepper jelly… very very reasonable price and I have recommended it to several canning groups I am with on facebook.. not sure about the minimum 10 pound purchase but I have it now and will see how that goes..

  25. Jessie Shepherd

    Our company has used this product for many years.. Excellent quality.. Excellent service.. If you have any questions.. Call them.. They help you work things out..

  26. Anonymous

    I was using your low sugar pectin with preservatives until I noticed you had one without! I have now switched to that one which is more in line with the rest of the products I make to sell–all natural. It works great! Thank you.

  27. Anonymous

    Pacfic pectins low sugar set pectin works perfectly every batch and the savings are enormous.Shipping was incrediably fast. Thanks for the great option for great tasting jams

  28. ann d.

    Love the product.I was doing a batch that has vinegar as one of the ingredients and I had already added the pectin & sugar when I realized I had left out the vinegar. I added the vinegar with only a slight hope that it would jell. Guess What IT JELLED. When I have done wrong, a call for help has always solved the problem . Thank you Pacifc Pectin

  29. Anonymous

    Great product.

  30. Anonymous

    I’d been using the single packets for my jams and jellies which was breaking the bank! A friend told me about Pacific Pectin and I’ll never go back!

  31. Anne Webster

    I’ve been using LM-3 for many years. I couldn’t get along without it.

    The help from your staff is great to have as well.

    If only you could package the 10 pound product in something other than a giant plastic bag. It is tricky to get out of the bag; maybe a hard plastic container.

    Thanks so much

  32. Bruce Carpenter Uncommonly Good Jams and Sauces

    I have been using this product for more than 10 years in our small jam making business. They always ship right away which really helps me out since I am so busy making jam that I forget to order until I am almost out !. The pectin is very consistent and easy to work with. I never have a problem with the set. Great product. I look forward to using it for the next 20 years.

  33. Robin Bartlett

    After learning about LM-3, I found that it was so very easy to use. I’m happy with the consistency and the color of my jam. We will be able to offer some reduced sugar options soon.

  34. Anonymous

    I’m glad I found your company! I make jams and jellies to sell commercially and had been using the individual packets of pectin. This is much more cost effective and turns out a beautiful product. Thanks!

  35. Martin Tobey

    We are a small cottage industry maker of low sugar preserves. We grow most of what we make. We also use 2 1/4 cups of sugar to a batch instead of the 6 cups as the recipes calls for. The LM3 pectin sets perfectly. The cost is 1/4th of buying ball retail pectin.

  36. Red Top Oven

    Easy to use and quality ingredients. We make small batch, locally grown fruit jams using Pacific Pectin. Fresh fruit always sweet so only a slight addition of pure cane sugar is needed. The reduced sugar pectin is perfect!

  37. Anonymous

    I use this pectin exclusively for the low-sugar jams and jellies I make for our farm stand. The set is consistent and I appreciate the cost savings. 10 lbs is enough to get me through 2 seasons, which is over 600 half-pint jars of jam.

  38. Jacob

    The LM-3 pectin has been a great option for a lot of our products in the bakeshop. Consistent set, super knowledgeable and helpful company, and great pricing. Thanks for taking the time to understand our needs and help!

  39. Miles Away Farm

    I switched to this as my jam making business grew, substituting it oz for oz with the pink box sure-jel product. Now that I’ve converted my recipes to weight percentages, I’m also freed up to add a bit more or less if I think the set is too soft or hard. And I’ve saved SO much money. Staff has been super helpful with questions.

  40. Christi

    We have used this product for the past 4 years and are very satisfied. We just keep coming back for more!
    Works as described and my honey based jams come out beautiful, consistently.
    We had one glitch one order and was immediatly resolved. Thanks Pacific Pectin!

  41. Jonathan

    I have been using Pacific LM-3 Pectin for the past 3 years and have found that it consistently performs great in my small batch jams. Prior to finding Pacific Pectin, I used another brand and it was always hit and miss if the jam or jelly would set, since my jams are reduced sugar. With Pacific LM-3 Pectin I never have to wonder if it will set because it always does. Pacific Pectin is always prompt in shipping my order. I am very pleased with this product.

  42. Tasha

    I use low-sugar pectin for all my jams, because let’s face it, regular jam recipes have WAY too much sugar. I use a lot of pectin for my boozy jam business, so buying the small containers just isn’t sustainable. Once I found Pacific Pectin, I’ll never look elsewhere. The product is amazingly priced, and the shipping is wonderfully fast. It’s a high-quality product, and with all the jams I’ve made, i’ve never had an issue with anything not setting. Great company!