Pacific Liquid Pectin Dry Mix

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Use for standard sugar jam, jellies and preserves. Comparable to store bought liquid pectin.

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Use for standard sugar jam, jellies and preserves. Comparable to store bought liquid pectin. Sold in powder form and mixed with water as needed, therefore increasing shelf life.

1 lb. will yield the same as 30 boxes (60 pouches) of store bought liquid pectin.

Ingredients: Pectin, Citric Acid, Sucrose, Sodium Citrate

GMO-Free, Gluten Free, Vegan and Organic compliant.

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34 reviews for Pacific Liquid Pectin Dry Mix

  1. Carl Siperko, Buffalo Missouri

    Wow, you will love this product, this stuff is fail safe, with normal liquid pectin it’s impossible to make over a double batch and still have it set, not with this stuff,I have made as many as ten batches at one time, using a recipe from the ball cook book, setting with perfect consistenty, @ roughly 1/3 the cost.

  2. MC

    I have used this pectin and it sets so well, I find it is a little stronger then store bought pectin. Will be using it for all my liquid pectin needs. Easy to blend together and very consistent.

  3. Jake Gutierrez

    We have used this product for 2 yrs and it works wonders our Jams have been rated 5 Stars for consistency, Thanks to Pacific Pectin Liquid Mix. Easy to mix and Use.

  4. Just Jammin’ LLC

    I have had many jars not setting due to the lack of knowledge needed for the correct ratios for fruit/sugar/pectin. Spent quite some time with customer service trying to iron this out, bought the PH meter as suggested, bought the refractomer as suggested, sent the refractomerter back as it was defective and sent email requesting the correct ratio’s as it differs from the dry pectin rations. Have not heard back but was sent a sample of the dry mix to try and have had consistant results from it.

    Customer Service is great except when it comes to the dry liquid mix ratios and Professor Pectin does not cover this mix.

  5. Chile Boys LLC

    We are Chile Boys and are Jams are rated very well everywhere a big part is the Pectins consistency it provides.

  6. Kenneth P. Khouri ( Kingston,Jamaica )

    I’ve had the dry mix stashed away for one year in my kitchen draw because i
    I thought that the Certo Pectin was better, then I ran out of the certo and could not get any to buy cause living in Jamaica that’s a possibility so I was forced to use the Pacific Liquid Pectin and what luck to have run out. All I can say…WHAT A DREAM COME TRUE!!!. Now I do not have to ask about the shelf life of the product or how well it sets up my pepper jelly. THANKS A MILLION PACIFIC.

  7. Julia Wethington

    I’ve been using Pacific Pectin for the past 5 to 6 years. Now I always have fresh pectin to use in my recipes. We have an on farm canning kitchen and I never had enough liquid pectin on hand. Now I always have enough and all my tried and true recipes jell perfect. Not only is your product great but customer service is top notch also. Thank You!!

  8. Dennis Flynn

    In three years, the product has not let me down! If fact the consistency of the product has allowed me to actually formulate large batch recipes

  9. Joan

    I love this pectin. It is so easy to reconstitute into liquid pectin and works EVERY time!

  10. Sweet Pea Gardens

    This pectin is a must have. I’ve tried many different brands and haven’t always gotten the results I was looking for. Now that I’ve found this pectin my set times have been cut from days to hours and I can get more of my products out there sooner. I’m so very happy.

  11. Sue in New Hampshire

    I have a lot of muscle and joint pain as a result of the side effects to medication I am required to take. I have been drinking a cocktail of Certo and Welch’s Grape Juice daily for a couple of years to help with my pain. This works for me, but the price of Certo keeps going up and up. I contacted Teri at Pacific Pectin and she was amazing! I explained what I used the pectin for and she knew right off exactly what I should use. I was concerned because I would have to purchase it in minimum 3 pound containers and did not even know if it would work the same for me. She offered to mail me a sample to try for free!!! I got the sample used it and have now ordered my 3 pound container. It is much easier to use than the Certo and I can make a couple of mason jars full at at a time and freeze one. Very convenient. Thank you PP for taking such good care of your customers even if they are not using your product for the intended purpose.

  12. Anonymous

    As a first time user, the learning curve was a bit more than I expected. However once I figured it out, the product was very consistent with its results. I doubled my order this time!

  13. Pat Roederer – Two Sister’s Jams, Jellies, and Preserves

    I’ve been using Pacific Powdered Pectin for some time and have been thrilled with the results! My sister and I have a jam and jelly company and provide samples to the public of all our products. For some products, I prefer a softer set and use liquid pectin. I finally decided to order the dry liquid mix from Pacific Pectin and received it the other day. Since then, I’ve made four different jams and spreads using the liquid product and the set has been precisely what I was aiming for. Thanks, Pacific, for a great product at less than half the price of the liquid pectin at the store.

  14. Anonymous

    Repeat customer here making crystal clear jellies.

  15. Lois Baker

    This product takes a minute to mix but is so worth the little effort. I don’t have to wait a week for my jelly to “set” and can double batch without failure. LOVE IT! Thanks Pacific.

  16. Dennis Flynn

    In the 4 – 5 years of using this product. I/We have never lost a batch due to pectin failure or non-performance. Keep up the good work

  17. The PIper’s Peck

    I use your product for The Piper’s Peck hot pepper jellies. A friend found your site and I ordered a small amount the first time. I’ve ordered twice more in larger amounts because I’m satisfied with the product and the price!

  18. Anonymous

    I really like the way my pepper jelly turned out. It’s just the right consistency. Thanks Pacific Pectin.

  19. Red Hawk Premium Peppers

    This is a great product! Cost effective and easy to use even in larger batches. We at Red Hawk Premium Peppers trust Pacific Pectin’s products to help us make our entire line of hot pepper jams!

  20. Dennis Flynn

    Setter Mountain has been using “Pacific Liquid Pectin Dry Mix” for approx. 4 years and have not had a failed batch. We go through about 20-30 Lbs a year.

  21. Joan – High Mountain Dessert Spreads – Colorado

    I have been using this product for awhile now in my professional jam and jelly business. It is handy to have around so I don’t have to run to the store and wipe them out. It reconstitutes easily with hot water (which I didn’t know the first few times) and the jam sets up well. I also love that it ships within HOURS after I order it!

  22. Mr. Red Hawk

    Red Hawk Premium Peppers depends on this product to make our pepper jams! It is incredibly easy to use and makes a perfectly smooth pectin. Absolutely awesome product!!!

  23. Jelly Factory

    We at the Jelly Factory are so pleased we switched to this product. It has worked every time and saves us a lot of money. Providing great products at a reasonable cost is important to us. We will use this product from now on.

  24. Dennis

    I’ve been using this product for many years and I haven’t had to vary the recipes at all for my specs!

  25. Anonymous

    We love this product and the company! Clean product, brought our food cost down tremendously!

  26. Anna Osbeck Test Kitchen Chef

    We love the Pacific Liquid Pectin dry mix at the Jelly Factory. I works every time and has reduced our Pectin cost dramatically. If you are not using Pacific Liquid Pectin you are loosing out.

  27. Diane C

    This is better than any of the store bought pectins and is a great value.
    I get the perfect texture on my habanero and jalapeño jellies.
    Follow the mixing directions and you won’t be disappointed.
    Great product. Thank you.

  28. Dennis

    Pacific “Liquid Pectin” Dry Mix has performed perfectly every time I have used it Easy to follow formulation and direction. Makes jelly making a breesze and helps make it consistant

  29. Jim Vandiver

    I bought a 3-lb bag of Pacific Pectin, the Pacific Liquid Pectin Dry Mix, for $53. We add it to a blender of yogurt, juice, etc. each morning and had been using a box (2 pouches) of Certo mixed with a half gallon of grape juice from which a cup or two was added to the blender each day.

    This dry mix is much cheaper than Certo, but mixing a couple of tablespoons to add to the grape juice was troublesome. The easiest way to mix is to put a cup of cold water in the blender, then two tablespoons of the dry mix, pulse the blender at the slowest speed several times to disperse the powder in the water, then wait about a half hour and pulse it a few more times. The grape juice can be slowly added to this while blending at the slowest speed.

    I’ve tried hot water and heating pectin that’s partially mixed with cold water, but those methods don’t work as well as the blender. The powder dissolves in cold water, but very slowly and heating the water seems to make the unmixed pectin lumps set up and stop dissolving.

  30. Dennis Flynn

    After several years of use, this product is stil the best available!

  31. Lynettebit

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  32. Lela Gerald

    Saving a lot of money not buying premade liquid pectin, this takes only 3 minutes and works just as well – even if it jells up slightly slower than the premade brand. (Certo).

  33. Emma del Real

    I had used the Certo pectin for years and it took me a little time to get my Hot Pepper Jelly just right with Pacific Liquid Pectin Dry Mix. I am not making as many jams and jellies as I used to, but the only pectin I use now is the Pacific Liquid Dry Mix.

  34. Amy Reilly

    This pectin is not only fail safe but saved me a ton of money!! OH and the customer service is amazing they helped me trouble shoot what I was doing wrong with my pineapple jam. Thank you Pacific Pectin from Space Coast Spreads!! You have a customer for life!!

    • Teri

      Hi Amy
      Thank you for the wonderful review!

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