Pepper Jelly

Notes *To prepare peppers, cut in half and discard seeds and stems. Cut into small pieces or chop with food processor.Note: there are many combinations of peppers that produce different colors, flavors, and heat. A typical combination is 2 1/2 Cups prepared bell peppers and 1/2 Cup prepared jalapeño pepper. … Read More

Peach Jalapeño Pepper Jelly

Use our Pacific Pectin Mix to make this spicy peach jalapeño pepper jelly! Ingredients 2 Cups Peaches, finely chopped/crushed 1 Cup Green Bell Pepper, finely chopped 1 Cup Jalapeño peppers, finely chopped 1 Cup Apple Cider Vinegar 6 3/4 Cups Sugar ⅓ Cup Pacific Pectin Mix Instructions Add prepared peaches, … Read More