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    This section is intended to help you determine the right pectin for your application.

    We sell three basic pectin mixes designed to work with three different sugar contents.
    First is our Pacific Pectin Mix.  This pectin mix is designed for standard sugar recipes. Recipes where the sugar content is equal to or greater than the fruit content. Our Pacific Pectin Mix No Acid is designed to work with the same sugar content as our Pacific Pectin Mix. However, Our Pacific Pectin Mix No Acid is better suited for highly acidic fruits such as Cranberries, Some Marmalades, Pomegranate and certain wild berries.

    If you are comfortable using Store bought Liquid Pectin for standard sugar jams and jellies but tired of paying too much, than our Pacific Liquid Pectin Dry Mix is for you. Sent to you in powder form, reconstitute in hot water and a blender. Blending instructions on label. You can use the same recipes you are accustomed to.

    For 1/3 less sugar recipes our Pacific LM-3 Pectin is the right choice. We recommend a recipe sugar content to be no lower than 40%. A recipe sugar content below 40%  should use our Pacific LM-O Pectin. Pacific LM-O is mainly designed for no sugar added fruit spreads. Please see our list of concentrated sweeteners to add to your no sugar added fruit spreads.

    Fruit syrups are always popular at breakfast time. Our Pacific Syrup Pectin is the perfect choice. Has superior mouth feel and flavor release compared to all other thickening agents. Designed to work in recipes ranging from 40% to 65% sugar. See our recipe section for a general use recipe.

    Have you ever wanted to make Gummy Bears? Now you can! Our Pacific Candy Pectin can be used for making regular and sour gummies as well as Fruit Pulp Confections. Please see our recipe section for basic recipes.

    We also offer a Bake Stable Fruit Prep. pectin.  Pacific BS 902 Pectin> is the right choice. Designed to replace starch base and gelatin base products used to produce pie fillings and other fruit based baked products. Our pectin is tasteless and odorless while binding and maintaining moisture giving great support to the fruit being baked.



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