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    We sell a wide variety of pectin for different types of applications.

    Our signature blends are the most popular:

    Pacific Pectin Mix, Pacific LM-3 Pectin,
    Pacific LM-0 Pectin and Pacific Liquid Pectin Dry Mix.

    These basic pectin blends are designed to work with three different sugar percentages.  They are also comparable to store bought powder and liquid pectin making them very user friendly.

    First is our Pacific Pectin Mix.  This pectin blend is designed for standard sugar recipes where the sugar content is slightly greater than the fruit content. We also offer this blend with no acid; Pacific Pectin Mix-No Acid. This blend is designed to work with highly acidic fruits such as cranberries, some marmalade’s, pomegranate and certain wild berries. 
    The standard recipe formula for both these pectin’s are; 53% Sugar, 45% Fruit, 2% Pacific Pectin Mix

    Our Pacific LM-3 Pectin is for lower sugar recipes, also known as 1/3 less sugar recipes.  This pectin is a good choice if you like to adjust the sugar content of your product.  Your recipe can be anywhere between 50% to 30% sugar (Brix). 
    A standard recipe formula is; 55% Fruit, 42% Sugar, 3% Pacific LM-3 Pectin. (If you desire less sugar you may want to up your pectin to 4%).

    Our Pacific LM-0 Pectin is designed for no sugar recipes such as diabetic jams and jellies or recipes lower than 30% sugar.  This is our only pectin that contains preservatives.  Preservatives are needed if sugar content is less than 30% to maintain shelf life.
    A standard recipe formula is; 95% Fruit, 5% Pacific LM-O Pectin.

    If you are comfortable using Store bought Liquid Pectin for standard sugar recipes but tired of paying too much, than our Pacific Liquid Pectin Dry Mix is for you. This pectin comes to you in powder form.  You reconstitute it with hot water in a blender and use exactly as you would regular liquid pectin.  Another benefit with our Pacific Liquid Pectin Dry Mix is its shelf life.   Since you only reconstitute the amount you need at the time, like our other powder pectin, if stored in a pantry like environment, it will last at least 2 years, unlike regular liquid pectin, once opened you have a limited time before it must be used.  You will find the reconstituting directions link on the Pacific Liquid Pectin Dry Mix item page.

    Fruit syrups are always popular. Our Pacific Syrup Pectin offers superior mouth feel and flavor release compared to other thickening agents. It’s designed to work in recipes ranging from 40% to 65% sugar. A general recipe formula is; 50% Fruit, 48% Sugar, 2% Pacific Syrup Pectin.  Add Lemon juice or citric acid to taste.  For syrups below 55 Brix use 3% Pectin.

    Have you ever wanted to make Gummy Bears?  Now you can!  Our Pacific Candy Pectin can be used for making regular and sour gummies as well as Fruit Pulp Confections. The Recipe section on our home page offers some basic gummy recipes.

    We also offer a bake stable fruit preparation pectin; Our Pacific BS 902 Pectin is designed to replace starch base and gelatin base products used in pie fillings and other fruit based baked products. Our pectin is tasteless and odorless while binding and maintaining moisture giving great support to the fruit while baking.

    We now offer pectin specifically for bakery type items; Our Pacific Bread Pectin is used to enhance texture and add moisture to bakery items such as regular breads and Gluten Free breads.  You will find more info and a bread recipe in our Recipe section on our home page.

    Are you looking for pectin for dietary needs?  If your Doctor has advised you to use pectin for health reasons then our Pacific Pectin Mix-No Acid is the pectin Doctors typically recommend.  We cannot advise you as to the use, amount or benefits of taking pectin for health reasons.  What we do know is this; our Pacific Pectin Mix-No Acid has been recommended by several Doctors due to its numerous health benefits and taste compared to store bought pectin. 

    If you don’t see what you need or have questions, send us an email or give us a call.  We’re here to help!

    We also offer free samples!



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